Beat your cajon!

I'm DJ、Composer、Guitarist、Singer.

I sought my dream.
And I sought signature phrase for this blog.

Once upon a time,
I organized the party「cajon」.
But the party is over.

Cajon is an instrument.
cajon - Wikipedia

I love house & techno music.
They mainly consist of machine beats.
But that beats & sounds are produced by human body & soul.
Machines don't think that themselves.
Human is the trigger, Human is the key.

Therefore I sent messages for audiences.
Its contents are as follows.

・Make some noise by beat the cajon!

・Make your transition!

・Beat your dark side!

And I decided signature phrase
「Beat your cajon!」.

Roger Sanchez says 「Release yourself」,
It's very cool & I wanted to immitate him.

I wanna be like that Roger Sanchez
affects people.

Existence can prove by beating your cajon.


Beat your cajon!

image:Now to need your love

Japanese Page


The picture is an image of our song.

This song has some messages for audiences.
Its contents are as follows.

"Summer will come before we know where we are."


"Summer will be here before we know where we are."


"Supreme Summer has come if you really hope & love that."

In any case, I wanna feel that you are free.

■Launch date
「July 15, 2013」


Beat your cajon!
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