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・ Photographing (see photo gallery)
・ Retouching and image processing
・ Website production
・ Writing online articles
・ Performance at wedding parties and others
・ Live appearance
・ DJ appearance
・ Talk event appearance
・ Composition, arrangement, remix production of music

Since I have been involved in web marketing and direction for a long time, I can do everything from website design and construction to writing content to be posted and shooting materials.

Shooting is done with a digital single-lens reflex camera, and retouching and image processing are done with Photoshop. The website is produced with WordPress.

For requests and consultations, please use the contact form on this blog.

tonya_harding music

tonya_harding · spa wars (tonya_harding 1st EP)

Duo. Musician & portrait gallery website “tracktop girl” owner.

Mar. 2014 1st EP Vinyl “spa wars
Sep. 2015 2nd EP CD “bird feat. electric ribbon erica
Dec. 2016 3rd EP CD-R “Kikanetsu

Jan. 2018 portrait gallery website that girls wearing trackjackets,tracksuits “tracktop girl

tracktop girl

tracktop girl

We published tracktop girl in January 10th, 2018. tracktop girl is photograph website of girls wearing tracktops.

Once tracktop was only used for sportswear and warming up wear. Apart from its original usage, it also became a fashion item, and it reaches the present style after many revivals on the global scale.

Functional, healthy, colorful yet mysterious and sexy dressing can be done with tracktop.There are possibilities of infinite designs and coordinates.

I named this outfit as “tracktop girl” because I want to share the attractiveness of this wonderful outfit with women wearing it, not only in Japan but with people all over the world.