autumn leaves

autumn leaves

On a deep autumn day, in a corner of a park filled with beautiful autumn leaves, there was a scene that stood out remarkably. Lying quietly on a carpet of red and gold leaves was a high school girl named Misaki. Beautiful yet lacking confidence in her appearance, she always hid her face behind a mask. While drawn to the beauty of the autumn leaves, she was uncomfortable with the crowds at popular spots, always avoiding the public eye.

That day, she was there for a special photo shoot. A photographer had chanced upon her beauty and offered to take her portrait. She agreed, on the condition that she could keep her mask on. The photographer accepted this and also agreed to her suggestion of taking a photo that would blend her into the autumn leaves.

On the day of the shoot, the photographer prepared a special outfit for her. A cropped track jacket with a pattern that seemed to melt into the autumn leaves, paired with a matching skirt. Seeing the outfit, Misaki felt a genuine joy for the first time. She was excited, deep down, about being the subject of a photo, especially in such a beautiful outfit.

To ease her nervousness, the photographer started talking about the beauty of the leaves and the quality of the light that day. Listening to him, Misaki gradually relaxed. He took his time with the shoot, aiming to capture her natural expressions.

Among the leaves, she looked as if she had become part of nature itself. Her eyes, visible above the mask, shone with a mix of anxiety and anticipation. The photographer captured that moment, and that shot became the perfect portrait for both of them.

After the shoot, a deep trust and understanding had developed between them, beyond words. However, they never met again. The photo remained a precious work shared only between Misaki and the photographer, kept secret in their hearts and never uploaded to the internet.

For Misaki, this experience was a chance to confront herself. It was a moment for her, who had always been insecure about her looks, to start accepting her own beauty. For the photographer, it was a valuable experience in capturing the inner beauty of a young girl.

Every time the autumn season returns, they will remember that day’s shoot. The image of her lying on a blanket of autumn leaves will live on in their hearts, timeless.