Beat your cajon!


I’m DJ、Composer、Guitarist、Singer.
I sought my dream.
And I sought signature phrase for this blog.
Once upon a time,
I organized the party「cajon」.
But the party is over.
Cajon is an instrument.
cajon – Wikipedia
I love house & techno music.
They mainly consist of machine beats.
But that beats & sounds are produced by human body & soul.
Machines don’t think that themselves.
Human is the trigger, Human is the key.
Therefore I sent messages for audiences.
Its contents are as follows.
・Make some noise by beat the cajon!
・Make your transition!
・Beat your dark side!
And I decided signature phrase
「Beat your cajon!」.
Roger Sanchez says 「Release yourself」,
It’s very cool & I wanted to immitate him.
I wanna be like that Roger Sanchez
affects people.
Existence can prove by beating your cajon.
Beat your cajon!