Lost in the AI Dominated World

Lost in the AI Dominated World

In a world, there was a stunningly beautiful girl. Her beauty was beyond people’s imagination, and her appearance seemed to be from another world. She wore a garment that looked like a track jacket or a rash guard, and it was so indistinguishable that people could not tell which one it was.

She moved freely through the water, either underwater or on the surface, as if she were a mermaid. Her beauty was in perfect harmony with nature, and every time people saw her, they were captivated by her.

However, her existence created a contradiction in modern society. People were being controlled by AI and the metaverse, and they were distancing themselves from nature. She seemed like an existence that had come from another world and became an unreal thing to people.

One day, people gathered where she appeared. The light she emitted was like stars in space, and it fascinated people. In that light, people could see their own future and remember the importance of coexisting with nature and living by their own rules.

People realized that her beauty was deeper than they had thought. She seemed to reflect people’s desires, anxieties, and hopes. People received the light she emitted and awakened what had been dormant within them.

Then, she floated up into the sky like a spaceship and enveloped people in light. In that light, people were able to regain what they had forgotten or lost and find the potential within themselves.

She then left. However, the light that remained and the changes that were born within people will continue in the future.