Pioneers of Interstellar Travel

Pioneers of Interstellar Travel

In 2055, it was the age of space exploration. Humanity began to inhabit various planets and satellites, including colonies on the Moon and Mars. Interstellar travel became common, and space was being explored as the new frontier. In this advanced era, there was a unique high school girl named Mika.

Unlike the average high school girl, Mika had a special talent as a troubleshooter. She was known as the “Fixer of Space,” traveling between stars and resolving various problems. The secret behind her ability lay in a unique mask she wore and a suit resembling a track jacket. With this equipment on, she could freely navigate space and utilize numerous special functions.

One day, Mika received an SOS signal from a Martian colony. At a research facility on Mars, an unknown lifeform had appeared, trapping the researchers.

Swiftly equipping her mask and suit, Mika took off for Mars in her spaceship. Upon arriving at the Martian facility, she encountered intricate maze-like corridors and the mysterious lifeform. Using the information from her mask and the special features of her suit, Mika tackled and resolved each issue.

During this mission, she discovered the facility’s secret. It was designed to study lifeforms from different universes, and the trouble had arisen from a failed experiment.

Mika rescued the researchers and reset the facility’s system, bringing the situation under control. Afterwards, leaving Mars behind, she roamed the stars seeking the next trouble.

Through this incident, Mika grew even more, and her name spread throughout the universe. Her actions gave many hope and courage, and she began to be hailed as a hero of the new age.

And Mika was not just any troubleshooter. She stood as a key figure in shaping the era of the new cosmos, confronting many adventures and challenges head-on.