Smiles Among the Waves

Smiles Among the Waves

The seaside breeze gently swayed her track jacket. She, Miyako, loved that jacket so much that she could not even feel the heat of early summer. The jacket was like a part of her soul, reflecting her personality and passion. Her expression was hidden by the mask, but her eyes were alive and shining. Even the texture and suffocating nature of the mask was a symbol of security for her.

On a beautiful beach, however, she stepped into a different world. As she walks barefoot on the beach, her mind is liberated and the sound of the waves echoes inside her. The ocean whispered to her and the sun wrapped her warmly. A fantastic light filled the air around her, and it felt as if time had stopped.

Miyako played with the children building sand castles, and in that moment she was in pure joy. The children’s laughter blended with the ocean waves, and her truck-jacket Her truck jacket glistened in the sun. She smiled at the children from behind her mask. Her smile carried through her eyes, and even through the mask, one could feel the warmth of her smile.

Each time the ocean waves gently washed away the sandcastles, Miyako and the children began to build new ones. In this repetitive process, time passed and her heart was filled with peaceful joy. The sand castles were ephemeral, exposed to the waves, but each moment was a precious treasure to her.

As the sun set over the ocean, Miyako quietly stood up and gently brushed off her sand-covered track jacket. She took in the panoramic view of the ocean, and was mesmerized by its beauty. On this day, Miyako became not just another woman playing on the beach, but a poet capturing the beauty of the moment. And she smiled quietly, knowing that this small moment would turn into great happiness.