Beyond the Distance

Beyond the Distance

Once, there was a world where people had to wear masks when they went outside. In that world, masks were necessary to protect people’s safety, and it was forbidden to take them off. Even when kissing, wearing masks was mandatory. But even in such circumstances, two young lovers were nurturing their love.

Their names were Saki and Yuri. They both wore carefully sanitized latex track jackets when going out, and they always had their masks securely in place. But even in that situation, the two of them were confirming their love for each other.

One day, Saki and Yuri were enjoying a date in the park. They sat on a bench, gazing into each other’s eyes and smiling through their masks. But they were not satisfied with that distance and wished to be closer to each other.

“Yuri, I want to be closer to you. I can’t help but feel that the mask is getting in the way,” Saki muttered through her mask.

Yuri was moved by Saki’s words. She felt the same way and longed to touch Saki’s lips.

One evening, Saki and Yuri were alone at home. Since they hadn’t gone out, the two of them had taken off their masks and sat facing each other. They gazed deeply into each other’s faces, seeing their unmasked expressions for the first time.

Saki gathered her courage and said to Yuri, “Yuri, I want to kiss you. But it’s a shame that we can only do it through the mask.”

Yuri smiled shyly and nodded at her. Then, with their masks on, they slowly brought their faces closer and exchanged their first kiss. Although it was through the masks, at that moment, they confirmed their true love for each other.

From then on, even in a world where wearing masks was mandatory, Saki and Yuri vowed to continue loving each other. They both found joy in nurturing their love despite the harsh circumstances. They promised to cherish their time together and support each other.

On weekends, they wore masks and latex track jackets, enjoying dates like picnics and movie watching. They laughed together through their masks, and sometimes they cried, but their love grew deeper every day.

At one point, Saki caught a cold. Yuri took time off work to care for her and nursed her back to health. She spoke gently to Saki while wearing her mask, trying to cheer her up.

“Thank you, Yuri. It’s really reassuring to have you here,” Saki said with tears in her eyes.

Yuri held Saki’s hand and said, “I’m so happy to have you too. Let’s stay together forever.”

Eventually, Saki recovered, and the two of them were able to enjoy their dates again. In a world where wearing masks was mandatory, it could be difficult to express emotions, but Saki and Yuri found ways to confirm their love for each other.

Beyond the Distance