Crimson Tides

Crimson Tides

The moment Miyabi Argento, a Vtuber, set foot on the fantastical shoreline of Ether Island, she sensed that this place was no ordinary island. Her true name remained a secret to all, and Miyabi Argento was merely the character she portrayed on the screen. Her trademark deep crimson hair and heterochromatic eyes, along with her talents as a voice actress, had enchanted many fans.

This trip was a kind of escape for her. Usually basking in the spotlight, here, she desired to be just another traveler. Accompanying her were items that symbolized her personality. Masks were her magical items, providing relief by concealing her face and liberating her from her usual persona. On the other hand, her beloved cropped track jacket, with its sexy appearance, attracted attention, reminding her of the excitement of standing before a camera.

As Miyabi wandered the island, she occasionally reverted to her character, charmingly playing up her moe sleeves. Each time, though, she would remind herself of her wish to remain an ordinary traveler here. Thus, whenever approached, she would respond with a gentle smile and a lie that she was just another traveler.

The island’s dusk was special. Standing on the beach, with the sunset illuminating her crimson hair, Miyabi removed her mask and casually rolled up the sleeves of her track jacket. Sighing deeply, she whispered to herself, “Here, I can just be me.” The mystical night of Ether Island etched new sensations into her heart.

As night fell, Miyabi visited an ancient lighthouse at the island’s center. Its light guided far out to sea, and she gazed into the ocean as if to find something in its beacon. In that moment, a new inspiration sparked within her. She felt that her experiences on Ether Island would breathe fresh life into her performances back home. Wrapped gently in the night breeze of Ether Island, Miyabi Argento began the first chapter of her new story.

Throughout her days on the island, Miyabi explored its hidden beauty. She visited old temples, attempting meditation in the silence. She interacted with locals in small villages, gaining new perspectives from their way of life. And, gazing at the stars adorning the night sky, she reflected on her past and contemplated the future.

Her days on Ether Island were a precious gift to Miyabi. Here, she confronted herself and discovered inner peace. She was convinced that her experiences on the island would open a new chapter in her life. Once again, the night breeze of Ether Island enveloped her gently, and within its warmth, Miyabi Argento began preparing for a new journey.