Beyond the Mist

Beyond the Mist

inspired by this song

Future Europe, a world where ancient cityscapes and advanced machine cities blend together beautifully. The city is a fantastic place, constantly filled with smoke due to the heat of vaporisation. Amidst the fog, there is one figure that stands out from the crowd. It is Miya, a beautiful Japanese woman with straight black hair. She wears all-white, high-tech clothing and has distinctive eyes, the three-white eyes. Her face is hidden by a mask and is almost entirely covered by a high-collared track jacket. That jacket is cropped and in a style that reveals her stomach. She was wearing shorts and shiny knee-high socks.

Mya is known in the city as a ‘phantom in the mist’. Her past and identity are shrouded in mystery and no one approaches her. However, her presence was certainly known among the people of the city.

In fact, Miya was a time traveller from the future. Her mission is to prevent a serious crisis created by the machine city of this era. She lurked in the dark corners of the city, monitoring the movements of the machine city. Her equipment was advanced and concealed high-tech devices invisible to the normal eye.

One day, part of the machine city began to run amok. In this crisis, Miya springs into action. Her high-tech equipment was fully utilised and she worked hard to stop the machine city from running out of control. She came from the future for a reason: to change certain events in the past. Her family had lost their lives as a result of this runaway machine city. Mya decided to travel back in time to prevent that tragedy from happening.

Thanks to Miya’s efforts, the machine city’s rampage was stopped and peace was restored to the city once again. However, her fight is not over yet. She decides to continue as the guardian of the city in order to protect it and its inhabitants, and to ensure that the tragedies of the past are not repeated.

Miya could not change the tragedies of the past, but she succeeded in changing the future. Thanks to her, the people of the city find new hope and a way to live in harmony with the machine city. Miya’s existence becomes legendary to them and her story will be told for a long time.

And Miya continued to protect the city, quietly but surely. Her existence would one day be known as the ‘phantom in the mist’. However, the change she brought to the town was never a mirage, but a true hope, which was engraved in the hearts of the people.