Black Cosmos, White Love

Black Cosmos, White Love

She stood quietly on a street corner under a starry sky, surrounded by a fantastic nightscape. Her name is Yuri. She chose to live without attracting attention and always wore a black mask and a track jacket. The blackness seemed to blend into the darkness, making her feel as if she could become one with the universe. For her, the outfit was not just fashion, but part of her identity.

In this world of fashion diversification and mixed subcultures, the wearing of masks as a measure against infectious diseases had become routine. In such a world, Yuri’s style did not stand out in any particular way. For her, however, it was the key to creating her own special world.

One day, her quiet life changed. A woman came to Yuri and gave her a mask and a track jacket with stars on them, symbolizing the universe to her. The woman’s name was Aya, and she, too, was fascinated by the night sky and the stars. The clothes Aya made shone as brightly as the starry sky and instantly captured Yuri’s heart.

Yuri was deeply attracted to Aya. It was as if Aya could see inside Yuri and understood what she wanted. Spending time with Aya was a series of new discoveries and impressions for Yuri. They would often look up at the night sky and talk about the beauty of the stars. Being by Aya’s side, Yuri felt as if he had become one with the universe.

His feelings for Aya gradually turned into infatuation. Yuri, however, had a hard time confessing her feelings. She was not good at letting her inner self out, and tended to keep her feelings locked away deep inside. Nevertheless, the time spent with Aya became an irreplaceable treasure for her.

One evening, they were gazing at the starry sky as usual. Yuri decided to take the plunge and express her feelings for Aya. As the stars shone brightly, Yuri quietly spun the words. Aya, I am in love with you. Like the stars you gave me, you light up my heart.”

Aya looked surprised, then smiled tenderly. Then she too told Yuri of her love for him. They confirmed their feelings for each other, and that night they embraced under the stars. Their hearts became as wide, deep, and beautiful as the universe itself.