Combining Photography and AI Illustration: Expanding my Creative Perspective

Combining Photography and AI Illustration: Expanding my Creative Perspective

私は実写撮影を専門とし、ジャージ女子のポートレートサイト「tracktop girl」( )を運営しています。また、Stable DiffusionやNovelAIを使用してAIイラストを制作しています。写真撮影とAIイラストの両方に取り組むことで、私の創造的な視点が広がり、さまざまな利点が生まれます。

In my profession, I specialize in live-action photography and run a portrait site for girls wearing track jakect called “tracktop girl” ( ). Additionally, I also create AI illustrations using Stable Diffusion and NovelAI. By working in both photography and AI illustration, my creative perspective has broadened, leading to various advantages.


In live-action photography, capturing the subject’s expression and pose is essential, while in AI illustration, you can express your unique worldview in the infinite possibilities of digital space. As a result, the experience in both fields mutually influences each other, leading to the development of new ideas and technologies.


Furthermore, by combining live-action photography and AI illustration, you can create innovative art that has never been seen before. For example, by adding AI-generated backgrounds and effects to the portrait photographs taken, I can establish my unique style.


Moreover, the progress of AI technology has expanded my future prospects. AI illustration generation technology is evolving every day, and it is expected to be capable of more realistic and detailed expressions in the future. Additionally, utilizing AI technology can streamline the photography process and editing work.


In this way, by working in both live-action photography and AI illustration, I establish my unique art style and pursue new possibilities utilizing technological advancements. By leveraging my experience in both fields, pursuing new ideas and technologies, I aim for further growth.