The Seer with Purple Eyes

The Seer with Purple Eyes

In 2050, the urban nightscape was enveloped in the glow of neon lights. At the port, the river ripples in the night breeze. There stood a girl with long black hair, named Ren. She wore a purple track jacket, its tall collar raised to cover her mouth, and her long hair concealed her deep purple eyes.

Even after the COVID crisis had subsided, Ren felt uncomfortable showing her face to others. She held a secret.

According to urban legends, those with purple eyes possess the power to foresee the future. Ren had this ability and had foreseen many future events. However, once her power became known to the public, she became a target, and her life changed dramatically.

To hide her abilities, Ren wandered through the city and eventually ended up in the port town. Here, she felt freedom for the first time and tried to overcome her past traumas. But one day, a significant incident occurred in the city center.

Ren’s ability to predict the future held the key to resolving the event. Still, she hesitated to use her power again, knowing the dangers from past experiences.

However, she decided to help the city’s people and started unveiling the truth behind the incident using her secret power.

As a result of her journey, Ren accepted her abilities and deepened her bond with the city’s residents. She then stood at the port again, determined to face her destiny.

With the collar of her purple track jacket fluttering in the wind, Ren began her journey towards a new future.

The Seer with Purple Eyes