The Voice that Connects Two Worlds: The High-Collared Heroine

The Voice that Connects Two Worlds: The High-Collared Heroine

Once upon a time, there was a girl who had the extraordinary ability to travel between the real world and the digital world. Her soothing voice had a magical healing effect on many people, and as a result, she took great care of her throat.


One of her favorite outfits was a high-collared track top, which she wore for a peculiar reason. After the year 2022, artificial intelligence had made significant advancements, yet the majority of humanity still couldn’t travel between the real and digital worlds like her.


Whenever she entered the digital realm, her high-collared track top transformed into a protective mask. This mask not only shielded her throat from the digital environment’s harsh conditions but also helped maintain her soothing voice’s enchanting quality.


In the real world, she would remove the mask, transforming it back into the high-collared track top she loved. Her ability to navigate between the two worlds allowed her to share her soothing voice with people in both realms, spreading hope and healing wherever she went.


And so, the girl with the magical voice continued her journey, wearing her high-collared track top and protective mask, connecting the real and digital worlds and bringing comfort and happiness to all who heard her enchanting voice.