Our Song “Main Melody” from the tonya_harding Era and the Influence of Stevie Wonder

Our Song “Main Melody” from the tonya_harding Era and the Influence of Stevie Wonder

Our latest YouTube video is now live! In this video, we dive into our song “Main Melody(主旋律)” from the old tonya_harding days and discuss the influence of Stevie Wonder on our music.

Video Overview
1. Main Melody / Performance by the Old Tonya Harding
“Main Melody” was originally a solo song by Prestige Kato. However, tonya_harding was so impressed by the song that they proposed performing it together, leading to a duo-style performance. While the studio version includes programmed elements, brass sections, and guitar parts, this video features a simple, stripped-down performance by the two of us.

2. Arrangement Influenced by Stevie Wonder
Both Prestige Kato and tonya_harding were heavily influenced by Stevie Wonder when arranging this song. One of our favorite songs, “Love’s In Need Of Love Today,” had a significant impact on our arrangement. We also detail how some elements of this song were boldly quoted in Ryoko Hirosue’s music.

3. About Stevie Wonder’s Album ‘Songs in the Key of Life’
When it comes to Stevie Wonder, we can’t help but mention ‘Songs in the Key of Life.’ This album is packed with various elements that have greatly influenced our music.

4. Live Performance of “Isn’t She Lovely”
In the video, we perform our favorite harmonica solo from “Isn’t She Lovely.” This song has a special place in our hearts, as we have played it at numerous wedding parties.

5. Performance of “I Wish”
We also deliver a rendition of Stevie Wonder’s iconic song “I Wish.”

6. Preview of the Next Video
Finally, we tease the next video, where we will introduce another major influence on “Main Melody.” Stay tuned!

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