stereo future

stereo future

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This story begins on the shores of a vividly blue sea, a place where hope for the future and a sense of melancholy coexist. The beauty of the sea is not just in its appearance, but also in its magical sound, further enhanced by the melodies of giant automated bagpipes and organs that echo towards the sky.

The central character of the story is a Japanese woman with a black ponytail named Yuki. She is often seen with her white scarf wound several times around her neck, gently pulling at its end with delicate fingers, covering her mouth. This scarf is more than just a garment for warmth. In an era where pandemic diseases rage and masks are scarce, it serves as a necessity and symbol of safety for her.

Another distinctive item Yuki cherishes is her white track jacket with an unusually high collar. This jacket is more than just clothing for Yuki. By wearing it, she feels protected and ready to face the world. The high collar simultaneously conceals and signifies her strength and vulnerability.

Yuki’s life is quiet but far from peaceful. Known as the sole musician in this seaside town, she plays melodies in harmony with the automated bagpipes and organs. Her music brings comfort to those suffering from illness and lights a beacon of hope in the midst of despair.

However, Yuki harbors a secret that she cannot share with anyone. Her music possesses a mysterious power not just to soothe but to alleviate illness, a mystical ability she herself cannot fully comprehend. Yet, there are those who fear her power.

The story takes a new turn when Yuki meets a local doctor. He learns of the hidden power in her music and decides to help her. Together, they strive to fight the pandemic and save the townspeople.

The townsfolk grow fond of Yuki’s music, finding hope in her presence. Despite covering her mouth with her white scarf, Yuki continues to convey strong and warm messages through her music. Her high-collared track jacket becomes a symbol of courage as she faces various challenges.

The title “Stereo Future” holds a dual meaning: one is the path to the future through music, and the other represents the two worlds within Yuki – the harsh reality outside and her warm heart within. This story chronicles Yuki’s journey as she uses her music to carve out a new future in a world sick with disease.








タイトルの『Stereo Future』には、音楽を通して未来へ続く道という意味と、ユキの中にある2つの世界–外の厳しい現実と、内に秘めた温かい心–を表す2つの意味が込められている。この物語は、病に侵された世界で新しい未来を切り拓くために、ユキが音楽で歩む旅の記録である。