the rooftop

the rooftop

Atop a high-rise building in the heart of the city, the sky stretched vast and blue amidst a collection of buildings. Right in the center, a woman named Lina stood, her hair billowing in the wind, clad in a track jacket. Around her unfolded a mysterious phenomenon — minute particles of light danced and swirled, gravitating towards her in a mesmerizing vortex. This shimmering aura suggested something beyond the ordinary, something fantastical.

The deep blue track jacket she wore, embroidered with gold, held a special significance. It was passed down from her grandmother, who was once renowned as the legendary woman of an ancient village. Lina’s grandmother possessed the ability to foresee the future. With this power, upon Lina’s birth, she crafted this jacket, imbuing it with her love and a mystical force. Whenever Lina wore the jacket, she felt a connection to her grandmother’s will and tapped into its extraordinary power.

The black mask covering half of Lina’s face also carried a profound meaning. From birth, Lina had the unique ability to directly hear the inner voices of others, sensing their emotions and thoughts. However, this gift became a burden, preventing her from living an ordinary life. By wearing the mask, Lina found a way to temporarily seal away her ability, allowing her to experience moments of solitude and shield herself from the constant influx of others’ emotions.

This rooftop, distant from the city’s hustle and bustle, served as her sanctuary and training ground. Here, she trained to further hone her skills, combining the power of the jacket inherited from her grandmother and her innate abilities to not only foresee the future but also influence it.

One day, a woman named Yuki suddenly appeared on the rooftop. She, too, possessed abilities akin to Lina’s. Approaching Lina, Yuki proclaimed, “If we combine our strengths, we can change the future.” Thus, the two embarked on a joint quest to alter the course of destiny.

As dawn broke, the view from the city’s rooftops heralded the beginning of a new day. Together, Lina and Yuki were poised to challenge the future.