Stardust Bath

Stardust Bath

This story captures a young girl’s emotional journey, set against the backdrop of a beautiful riverside hot spring inn where reality, fantasy, nature, and the human spirit intertwine.

In a place that seems to exist nowhere else in the world, there stands a serene hot spring inn nestled quietly along the riverbank. The soothing murmurs of the beautiful river can be constantly heard, accompanied by the ceaseless rustling of leaves as the wind dances through them. The hot spring itself boasts a slightly milky yet crystal-clear quality, luring its bathers into a world of illusion.

One day, Yuzu, with her striking pink hair, visited this inn. Adorned in a pink swimsuit and a track jacket, she never forgot to carry her mask. Even amidst the pandemic, Yuzu, both bold and cautious, enjoyed her travels ensuring safety at all times.

As Yuzu submerged herself into this unique hot water, the babbling of the river sounded almost melodic, wrapping her in nature’s symphony. With every gust of wind brushing her skin, she felt herself drifting further from reality, being drawn deeper into a realm of fantasy.

The slightly milky water shimmering on the surface shone like stardust. Immersed in this bath, she felt as if she was floating amidst the cosmos. The harmonious sounds of the river, the whispering wind, and the comforting embrace of the hot spring worked in tandem, liberating her from everything worldly.

After emerging from the bath, Yuzu donned her mask and gazed at the breathtaking scenery sprawled along the river. Her heart, now back in reality, felt completely rejuvenated by the magic of the hot spring.

As dusk approached, she left this mystical place behind. However, etched deep in her heart remained the memories of the riverside hot spring and the enchanting fantasies that accompanied them.