Forbidden Bonds

Forbidden Bonds

Ayame’s story is woven in a fantastic setting where the future and the past intersect. Her black ponytail accentuates her distinctive appearance, and the specially made combat track jacket she wears speaks to her mission as a ninja. The jacket is designed to cover her mouth, helping to conceal her identity during missions. The short length of the jacket is also meant to enhance her mobility, which is something Ayame is fond of.

Her story begins in a world where a medieval European riverside town meets a mechanical city. As automatic bagpipes and organs echo their sounds into the sky, Ayame sits quietly on the riverbank, a large sword in her hand. What does she seek and what does she stand for? What is her mission? These questions mark the beginning of her story at the intersection of the future, the past and different cultures.

However, Ayame’s heart suffers from forbidden thoughts. Her heart is won by Kana, a member of a rival organisation. The girls engage in numerous engagements, and each time they are drawn to each other. This love was contrary to Ayame’s mission as a ninja and unacceptable to the social conventions of the time. Her riverside encounter with Kana gave them the opportunity to speak their true feelings for each other. The girls had begun to feel a deep connection that transcended their adversarial position.

However, this love affair would prove to be a great test for both of them. Ayame’s mission was to defeat the enemy, not to protect the one she loved. If their relationship comes to light, they will be in great danger. Ayame is torn between her duty as a ninja and her feelings for Kana, and must decide which to choose.

Kana is also torn between her loyalty to her organisation and her love for Ayame. She knows that if her relationship with Ayame becomes known to the organisation, her life will be threatened. Under these circumstances, the girls try to fulfil their respective missions while hiding their feelings for each other.

The story progresses, depicting their internal battles and the external threats they face. Ayame and Kana deeply contemplate their positions, emotions and futures, and ultimately choose to determine their own destinies. Through the theme of forbidden love, the film delves deeply into the conflict between their mission as ninja and their personal feelings, and portrays the internal growth of these women.

The story revolves around the relationship between Ayame and Kana, and explores the meaning of life as a ninja, the tension between love and duty, and their journey of self-discovery. Their respective battles, their respective loves and their respective destinies are spun out against a background of intersecting cultures.