track jackets and masks

track jackets and masks

The maids’ new attire and courteous demeanor were seen as a refreshing and pleasant change by many people. However, suddenly one day, rumors arose about a large noble entourage visiting from the neighboring town, causing a stir within the mansion once again. This noble was known for valuing tradition and being conservative, and nobody could predict how they would react to the maids’ new attire and mask-wearing.

On the day of their arrival, the maids greeted the noble entourage with anxious expressions. However, to everyone’s surprise, the noble was very impressed with the maids’ new attire and their mask-wearing as a measure against infectious diseases, and praised both the mansion’s owner and the maids. The noble said, “Adapting to the changes of the times, and moreover, considering the safety and comfort of the employees, are aspects that many other nobles and merchants should learn from,” promising to spread the word about the mansion’s initiatives to others.

This incident became a big topic of discussion both inside and outside the mansion, attracting many people to visit. The appearance of the maids in track jackets and masks was accepted as a new local spectacle, further enhancing the mansion’s reputation. Moreover, this trend gradually began to be seen in other mansions and restaurants, being accepted as a new standard.

The owner of the mansion expressed gratitude for the maids’ efforts and the acceptance of the new initiatives without fear of change, and began investing towards the design of new uniforms and improvement of services to provide a more comfortable and safe environment. The maids felt a great sense of satisfaction and joy that their efforts were recognized, and that many people were pleased.

Even thereafter, the mansion continued to enchant many guests, especially the local children who adored the maids in track jackets like heroes. Regarding the mask issue, the environment where the maids could freely choose the most comfortable and safe option for themselves continued, and the flexible and forward-looking attitude of this mansion provided many people with new hope and expectations for the future.