tracktop girl under the cherry blossom tree

tracktop girl under the cherry blossom tree

photo by tonya_harding

Veiled ‘neath the weeping sakura’s sighs,
The tracktop girl, in the tapestry of skies,
Her raiment a crimson bloom fiercely born,
Against the current of time, a solitary stone worn.

She lingers where blossoms whisper secrets of the dream,
Weaving wishes in the tender seam,
A mute siren in life’s grand masquerade,
Her gaze, an untamed serenade of softer days.

In her eyes, a vernal promise dwells,
Where cherry tides and hidden passions swell,
Destiny’s waltz, art’s tenderest embrace,
Footprints etched in the delicate lace of nature’s grace.

In the crucible of years, her radiance vies,
A crescendo ‘gainst the ticking celestial spies,
Harmonies seek their echo in the throng,
Their essence, the unspoken script of her song.

The lens ensnares more than mere sight’s claim,
It frames the whispers of her silent fame,
Under the boughs, her spirit’s verse,
In the arboreal shrine, her whispered universe.

She traverses in splendor, arrayed in beauty’s relentless serenade,
A portrait of courage in the vortex of life’s tireless crusade,
The blossoming saga of a soul so vividly alive,
Under sakura rain, where dreams and time connive.