hanging from a bridge

hanging from a bridge

Once upon a time, on a beautiful sandy beach far away, there lived a lively young girl with beautiful black hair. Her name was Miyuki. She lived in a place with the most beautiful ocean in the area and played in it every day. Miyuki’s most distinguishing feature was that she always wore a track jacket.

The locals thought that her track jacket symbolized her active personality. In fact, she was always on the move, often hanging from bridges and diving into the beautiful ocean. But the real reason for Miyuki’s love of track jackets was the texture of the fabric, the way it sometimes felt constricting to her body, and especially the suffocating feeling when the collar covered her mouth. These were special experiences for her that she could not feel in her daily life.

Another secret for Miyuki was to dive into the ocean while wearing the track jacket. When wet, the jacket would become heavier and absorb snugly against her body. This sensation was strange and comfortable at the same time for her. This sensation in the water gave her a sense of comfort and thrill at the same time.

Miyuki treasured this secret and never revealed it to anyone. She just spent her days playing freely on that beautiful beach, enjoying her own little world. People around her thought she was just an active girl who loved to exercise, but in reality there was a deeper, more personal joy hidden inside her.

Miyuki’s story teaches us something important. It is that the reasons people love something can be different from what is on the surface. And that each person can find happiness in their own unique way. Miyuki had her own world and was able to find happiness in her own way within it.