Secret Love in the Cheer Song

Secret Love in the Cheer Song

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You can see a lot of girls in track jackets and masks, and their love stories.

The story features two high school students, Koharu, who is cheerful and energetic, and Misaki, who is introverted and quiet. Both of them are members of the same cheerleading club, working hard in their club activities. Amidst those days, they fostered a special bond and nurtured a secret love.

Since realizing her feelings for Misaki, Koharu noticed that Misaki’s constant mask-wearing might be due to a lack of confidence. As Misaki always hid her face, her beauty was overlooked by others. However, Koharu saw Misaki’s true charm and couldn’t suppress her feelings for her.

Their school was a powerhouse in the prefectural cheerleading competition, ranking high in the competition. Club activities were very strict and held for long hours, leaving almost no time for the two to spend together. Still, they stole moments during break times and between classes to meet each other.

One day, during a break from the training camp, they sneaked out of the club room and headed to a nearby park. Dressed in their track jackets to keep their bodies warm, they cherished their precious time together. Both girls loved the comfort of their track jackets, and they enjoyed the sight of each other wearing them. Misaki nervously reached out her hand to Koharu, who firmly gripped it.

Looking into Koharu’s eyes, Misaki took off her mask. Koharu gasped at the sight of Misaki’s unmasked face, a sight she had never seen before. The faint smile from Misaki’s lips was the best gift for Koharu.

“Koharu…I like you.” Misaki’s confession was unexpected to Koharu, but she felt joy in her heart.

“Misaki, I…I like you too. Always have.” Koharu squeezed Misaki’s hand tightly, and they both took an awkward but sure step forward.

In the future, they will continue to balance their rigorous training and romantic feelings, spending time together. They’ll do this to elevate themselves and to support each other. And no doubt, they’ll continue to enjoy the sight of each other in their favorite track jackets.