Submerged City

Submerged City

One day, a massive flood swept across the world, causing many cities to be submerged. However, in one of these cities, people found a way to survive by utilizing the flooded buildings and roads. Among them was a girl named Miki, who loved to wear her track jacket and had a special suit that allowed her to move freely both in water and on land. She could swim like a submarine in water and run like a vehicle on land.

Miki and her companions worked to survive and thrive in the submerged city. They explored the flooded buildings and underground tunnels, collecting resources and rescuing survivors. One day, they decided to enter a tall building that had become an exhibition of the history and culture of Earth. Miki and her companions decided to protect the precious cultural heritage for the future.

However, they were hit by a powerful tsunami, causing the building to collapse. With the power of her track jacket, Miki and her companions were able to escape. They became even stronger in order to survive and continue fighting for the future.

Eventually, they became accustomed to living in the submerged city and learned the skills necessary to survive. Their activities spread to other submerged cities, and they gradually began to rebuild their lives. Miki and her companions became a driving force for change, and their actions changed the future for the better.