Bandages and Wonders

Bandages and Wonders

Once upon a time, in a small seaside town in Japan, there lived a beautiful girl whose trademarks were her ponytail and track jacket. Her name was Misaki. Despite her beauty, she lacked confidence in her appearance and was accustomed to hiding her face behind a mask.

One Halloween, Misaki’s friends suggested she should dress up as a mummy, saying it would suit her. Misaki, who usually didn’t pay much attention to others’ opinions, was strangely drawn to this idea. However, she had no clue how to create a mummy costume.

So, she decided to use her strengths. She used bandages to cover her face like a mask and wrapped her chest like a bandage. The finished look was somewhat bizarre, but her innate cuteness shone through.

On the night of Halloween, Misaki attended the costume party held in the center of the town. Her unique mummy appearance captivated everyone. Children exclaimed, “It’s a real mummy!” while adults admired her innovative idea.

Misaki, used to hiding her face, felt comfortable with her face covered in bandages. But this night was different. She felt confident in her homemade costume and discovered the joy of expressing herself.

The townspeople recognized Misaki’s hidden talents and individuality through her mummy costume. The children started calling her “Mummy Misaki-chan” and gathered around her. Misaki treated them kindly and began sharing her tips for making costumes.

Even after Halloween ended, Misaki’s mummy appearance lingered in the hearts of the townspeople. She was no longer just a beautiful girl; she had become a small legend in the town.

The following Halloween, many children imitated Misaki’s mummy style. Seeing this, Misaki smiled genuinely, having found confidence and joy from within.

Thus, every year as Halloween approached, the seaside town buzzed with children dressed as mummies, a tradition inspired by Misaki. This came to be known as “The Legend of the Mummy Girl in the Seaside Town,” a story fondly passed down for years to come.

Bandages and Wonders