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In a small Japanese seaside town, characterized by its gleaming blue sea and white sandy beaches, old fishing boats gently sway in the waves, and small houses flutter in the sea breeze. In one corner of this town lived a young and lively woman named Mitsuki. Her long, black ponytail was so beautiful that it was recognizable from a distance.

On a sunny day, Mitsuki was walking along the coastline on her way to school. She was wearing a high-collared, modern cropped track jacket, zipped up to the neck, paired with a chic miniskirt and knee-high socks. Her fashion sense was influential among the town’s young women.

As she approached the school gate, feeling the cool breeze from the sea, Mitsuki suddenly noticed her classmate, Kenta, appearing. Kenta was a reserved boy, harboring a secret affection for Mitsuki. That day, he summoned the courage to confess his feelings to her.

“Mitsuki, I’ve never been able to say this, but I like you,” he declared.

Mitsuki blushed at his words, taken aback. She had always focused more on her studies and friendships than on romance, so Kenta’s confession was unexpected. Her heart was filled with surprise, confusion, and a hint of happiness.

At that moment, Mitsuki felt the atmosphere change as if the sea waves gently lapping nearby were synchronizing with her heartbeats. She looked into Kenta’s earnest eyes, trying to say something, but words eluded her.

Suddenly, a breeze from the sea passed between them, gently fluttering Mitsuki’s ponytail. It reminded her of a legend she had heard since childhood. The town had a mystical light that appeared only to those who found true love. With Kenta’s confession, that light seemed to quietly ignite in Mitsuki’s heart.

In front of the school gate, a deep, unspoken emotion flowed between the two. The other students watched curiously as Mitsuki sensed a new breeze beginning to stir in her quiet life in the seaside town. Her thoughts about love might be changing, signaling the time for a new step forward. Meanwhile, Kenta waited for Mitsuki’s response.