Island of Azure

Island of Azure

In a world where the sea stretched as blue as the sky, there was an island known as “Aquarium Island”. The most mesmerizing attribute of this island was its incredibly transparent ocean. Glancing into its depths, you’d see an array of fish painting a beautiful aquatic scene, making you feel as though you’d ventured into another realm.

One day, a young girl named Pixiv-tan arrived at the island. She was the personification of the illustration communication site, “pixiv”.

Dressed distinctively in a combination of a front-zipped swimsuit and a track jacket, this special jacket allowed her superior agility even underwater. Adorning her face was a mysterious mask, enhancing her breathing capability when submerged.

“I’ve heard there’s a secret place on this island,” Pixiv-tan said excitedly to the boatman.

“Ah, you mean the legend,” the boatman replied with a smile. “In the center of the island lies a vast coral forest. Legends say that within it exists the ‘Illustrative Spring’.”

Pixiv-tan’s eyes sparkled with curiosity. “What’s so special about this spring?”

With a mystical gaze, the boatman responded, “It is said that when one looks into it, they can see all the illustrations they’ve ever drawn and even the ones they are destined to create in the future.”

Driven by excitement and purpose, Pixiv-tan immediately plunged into the water upon reaching the island, making the most of her specialized jacket. The ocean’s clarity gave her a panoramic view. Communicating with various marine life through her unique mask, she made her way towards the coral forest.

Deep underwater, she was met with breathtaking views and creatures. And there, amidst the vast coral expanse, she finally discovered the ‘Illustrative Spring’. Mirrored in its water were the artworks she’d created and those she was destined to craft. Overwhelmed with emotion, tears streamed down her face.

“So these are my future works…” Pixiv-tan murmured, deeply moved. Right there, beside the spring, she began to sketch a new illustration.

Though she eventually left the island, the experiences and enchanting beauty of Aquarium Island were etched into her heart forever.

“Illustrations are reflections of the landscapes within our hearts,” she mused, continuing her journey as an artist.